AMPM Cafe & Bar Ambience Mall, Gurgaon – Perfect ambiance for an enjoyable experience

Great food and music always sum up a fabulous outing. My recent visit to the AMPM Cafe and bar  at Ambience Mall in Gurgaon was a very exciting one. My dear friend Rajan Sethi
invited me to review his latest outlet at Ambiance mall called the AMPM Café Restaurant.

After reviewing his fabulous outlet in Gurgaon few years back, I was delighted
to dig in the few flavors of this uptown café located in the Ambiance mall.

We went there on a Saturday and
were greeted by the Manager who was extremely courteous and welcoming. He had
our seats reserved that were facing the large floor to ceiling windows, so that
we could enjoy the view of the mall too.
But each time I looked around I
was deeply impressed with the décor that was so tastefully done in each corner.
Music was the central theme for Rajan Sethi and so he ensured each corner had a
picture of a musician.

The lingering music of my favorite artists was the best
thing happening. I fell in love with the vibrant choice in music played that
day. My foot couldn’t stop tapping.

The soothing hues on the wall,
bright lights and comfy chairs can make anyone feel at home here. With a large
variety to peruse per page, we decided to let the Manager decide the hot
selling starters.

The Manager introduced us to some lip mango delights in forms
of salads, drinks and desserts that were on up on the promotion menu for the
whole month.

Mangoes are a delight for
everyone at any age. Their ripeness and freshness entice the palette and quench
the soul. No wonder it’s called the soul food.
But to make it a dish and
present it beautifully is an art that rarely can anyone nail it. The executive
chef of the restaurant ensures the mango based salads and drinks are perfectly
balanced are healthy and look presentable.
We were offered four drinks to
try – each of them had a different flavor but the one with the mango taste was
enlightening and refreshing.

The drink I had ordered was a fresh mélange of apples
and kiwi I loved this work and could feel the flavors of the fruits in each
sip. This one was devoid of sugar so it can be a perfect pick for weight

We begin with a Hawaiian Mango salad
that had the perfect conjugation of mangoes and vegetables accentuated with
dressings. The other salad Ratnagiri da Italia is an unconventional spin on the
usual salads and is prepared using assorted lettuce, cherry tomato, onion with

I loved how the crunchiness played off well. The Peri Peri Chicken
caeser wrap that I ordered next screams of taste and flavor.

Never knew how a
roll can be so delectable and beautiful to present at the same time. We started with Minestrone Rosso Chicken
soup, Roast Tomato & Basil and Manchow soups.

All three soups were
excellent in taste ; however, the first one is a highly recommended one as it
is truly satiating and makes simple chicken soup more relishing. Next one we
tried was the Chicken Kung Pao and Thai Green curry.

The former is a fabulous
take on Thai seasonings while the latter one has a generous amount of lemon
grass that mingles well with vegetables.

The last epiphany of the rhythmic
tune was the dessert. Three variants of desserts arrived that seemed irresistible.
The Chocolate Nutella Cheesecake, AMPM Kulfi were great but the Mango cheese
cake by Chef Mukesh left us speechless. It was the perfect ending to a perfect

The mangoes beautifully blended well with a hint of mint seem divine and
satiating to a level difficult to express! I loved the entire experience at
AMPM and would always recommend this place for get together, a corporate lunch
or a fine dining experience for couples.

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