Ahoy!Asia – Gourmet Odyssey

Ahoy! Asia
is a celebration of the hidden marvels of myriad Asian cuisines for the
discerning patrons of the capital. An Asian novella, Ahoy! Asia aims at filling
the considerable void of ‘Value for Money’ diners in Delhi’s ever growing
eating out culture.
It encapsulates the flavours and textures of the exquisite foods and

beverages from various regions of China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Malaysia,
Thailand and Japan by offering some authentic and some contemporary dishes from
their street sides and homes.  A
revitalizing Asian café, grill and bar, it is nestled in the heart of South
Delhi at M-Block, Greater Kailash II. The flavours are a tangible reflection of
the geography, history, and culture of the country of origin. Dining at Ahoy!Asia is
a happy way of becoming well acquainted with the country’s gastronomy.

to break away from the stereotypical image of Asian dining. The ambience offers
bright and colourful interiors with lively music and innovative meal combos.
A!A is a happening place for happening people who love to explore new cuisines.
It is a place where the traditional happily co-exists with the contemporary.
The butler and waiter services at A!A are attentive, quick and friendly.
It seems
that a lot of travel, thought and experience has gone into what is truly a
prolific menu. It is a synergy of unique, mouth watering and smartly presented
tongue ticklers and tipplers that’ll leave your taste-buds, tummy and purse
happy and content. Their thoughtfully structured menu offers the delightful
spices of the Xinjiang, Sichuan and Canton regions from China, in combinations
seldom seen in other Asian eateries in town. The menu then travels through
Mongolia, Myanmar, Tibet, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.
delectable range of Sushis and Dim Sums are
a classical representation of a nation’s palate. While the Okonomiyaki pancake,
a unique import of the national favourite of Japan will leave you with a burst
of flavours, the Malaysian Lamb Murtabak, the Xinjiang
Belik Kawap and Chuanr 
will bring alive the rustic flavours of
the roadsides of Asia. A helping of the Grilled Prawns with Walnut
and the Asian version of Fish’ n’ Chips will
dazzle you with a whiff of contemporary originality.
will find an equal amount of thought having gone into their green menu.
Lip-smacking appetizers like the Oriental Greens Tempura, Wok Tok Sake
Mushrooms with Chilly Beans
 and Crispy Lotus Stems Honey
 will lead you onto exquisite dish-ups like the Stir
Fried Garden Greens with burnt garlic, Shanghai Feast 
(Silken tofu
with Asian veggies), Sampan Conjee (Cantonese rice porridge), Wild
Mushrooms and String Beans in Oyster Sauce
Vegetable Thai Green
, the Asian Burger and the Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich and
many more. Enough and more to tantalize the taste buds of the veggie lovers.

But what
makes A!A stand out in the burgeoning Asian culinary map of the capital is the
introduction of theUyghur cuisine, from the Xinjiang region of
China, which melds the spicy flavours of its native Islamic populace and
neighbours with the tastes and textures of traditional China. The contents of
the Xinjiang menu truly reflect the mastery of the Chefs at Ahoy! Asia.

Uyghur sojourn can start with dishes like Tangjiao(Uyghur style
lamb dumplings soup in a delicate meat broth enhanced with coriander and spring
onions),Manti (Lamb, Cumin, Onion filled dumpling),Chuanr(Spicy
lamb skewers flavored with fennel, cumin and Sichuan pepper, grilled over
charcoal, served with yoghurt dip) and Toho Kawap (chicken
wing kebabs infused with Xinjiang spice mix, grilled over charcoal and served
with a yoghurt dip).
Graduate onto the Big Bites like the Belik Kawap (whole
silver pomfret marinated with Xinjiang spice mix, grilled over charcoal, served
with stir fried veggies & yoghurt dip), Zhua Fan (Uyghur
pilaf cooked with ingredients from fresh mutton, carrot, chickpeas and rice,
served with Uyghur style yoghurt) and Dapanji (chicken stew
with vegetables and whole spices, served with Uyghur spiced pilaf) and you will
emerge soaked in the ambience of the streets of Xinjiang!

Moving on to the quenchers, a wide array of inviting
and rejuvenating beverages, mocktails and cocktails complement the food on
your table. The range is a perfect amalgam of the   new world charm
and the classics to keep patrons in a homely, happy, and high-spirited space.
From Frozen Sour Apples and Spiced Pearsto Po Cha (Tibetan
Butter Tea) and Pulled Tea (a Malaysian street
classic)and from V-Caf(inspired from a Vietnamese
coffee) to the Ahoy smoothies, the bartenders
present some of the most invigorating of mixes from the freshest of
ingredients. Besides housing an eclectic range of whiskeys, vodkas and beers,
Ahoy! Asia stirs up some of the most innovative cocktails for its patrons.
the likes of Fish cocktail (Whisky-Drambuie -Lemongrass juice
-Pomelo juice -Fish Sauce-Worcestershire sauce) to Plum and Rum
(Vanilla infused house rum with Asian Plums- Triple sec); and from Jello
 (Cosmopolitan Red bull & vodka with Limon cello) to Bitter
Orange and Cardamom Cocktail (
Cardamom pods -orange marmalade -vodka
-cointreau –lemon), the guys behind the bar love nothing better than to
whip up ‘Wow!’ inspiring tipplersand many more.
Deal with it backwards with the delightful, nectarous desserts at A!A.
The Banana Spring Rolls, Mango Sago, Darsaan and the Great
Wall of Chocolate 
will give you sweet dreams till your next visit.
Visit A!A
for a joyride of tastes and flavors through Asia!
Restaurant timings: 11 am – midnight
Meal for two: Rs. 1200/-++ (excluding drinks)
Address: Ahoy!Asia,M-4 first floor,M Block
Market,GK-II ,New Delhi.
Contact: 011-41622888
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