5 things you need to know while ordering food at home

Before I begin, there is an assurance that there is currently no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.

Here are 5 things you need to know while ordering food at home –

1.Temperature check – It is mandatory to check the temperature with a food thermometer when the food arrives. Whether food is shipped to your home or delivered by a local service, it needs to stay at a safe temperature to prevent the growth of germs that could make you sick. Refrigerate or freeze your delivery as soon as possible.  When you order Perishable food, check if it arrives frozen or partially frozen.

2. Groceries – check the subscription meal kits when you go for home-delivered groceries. It is very important that the home-delivered food is handled properly to prevent food poisoning.

3. Check food safety standards – before ordering food, call customer service to ask about food safety standards. Inform the company if food arrives above 40°F. If you are doubtful, throw it out.

4. Safe handling  –  Find out if the company provides safe handling while delivering the food. Food should be delivered to a secure location. Inform the company where you would like them to leave your box.

5. Safe Food Delivery –  Ensure the company uses insulated packaging and materials like dry ice or frozen gel packs for safe food delivery.

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