Ziuba – Innovative flavors served in style

If you are looking for a place that is absolutely safe in the post covid days and has food that speaks in volumes of the dedication taken in creating it, you can consider the Ziuba in Ardee Mall, Gugugram.

Think top notch food with touches of Thai, Japan, Asia flavors and you are in the right direction. Ziuba is much more than just a label.

Opened in January 2020, it was closed down during the lockdown in March. The place has now opened up again with all the safety precautions and covid protocols.

The dining room has tables that are separated at a decent distance. This is a good Covid-19 precaution and is also helpful in adding privacy from nearby tables. The menu is Asian in style, with some slightly unusual touches. They have an amazing alfresco dining area that serves a perfect sit out space in the warm sunny winters.

The drinks are zesty and playful with interesting flavors to add a twist. We loved their kafir lime and orange drink. The muddled kafir lime tastes heavenly in each sip.

Food Review

The food at Ziuba is innovative and thought-provoking – I love the lightness of touch, and how the executive chef incorporates interesting ingredients into his cooking where nothing seems forced or out of place.

Though the ingredients are the real star here – they take pride in sourcing some of the best produce from their own farm, and rightly so, the quality really shines through.

We ordered for a Thai basil salad. The flavorful salad is the perfect combination of crunchiness and flavor in each bite. This is a highly recommended salad.

The tom kha sphere and the wafer thin toasted rice crackers came in homemade dressing. The flavor and texture are delicious. These were my favorite dishes until I tried the sushi spicy Tura and sushi Norwegian salmon.  

They were the most exquisite dishes I have eaten for quite a while – the plump, soft sushi pieces were bursting with intense umami flavors, the sourness and refreshing acidity of the wasabi added to the richness of the dish so exquisitely. Perfection on a plate.

Next up were the crunchy kale dimsum and Cantonese green dimsum that were absolutely phenomenal. The surprising element was that it was made from glutinous wheat flour and yeast. It had a lovely soft outer layer and a creamy, chewy interior with vegetables. This was a great dish.

The steam fish morning glory was a rich creamy dish flavored with chilli and garlic. Equally good was the Silken tofu. The tofu was soft and succulent, the gravy rich and full of savory flavor. I could not help using my spoon to lap up every last drop of this heavenly sauce. An excellently judged dish.

Dessert was a coconut ice cream. The light, refreshing texture, this coconut ice cream was an original dessert to end a well-accomplished dinner.

The place is absolutely worth visiting as it has the perfect blend of authentic flavors that are complimented well with interesting drinks. Ziuba has taken care of all safety norms and practices to ensure diners are well taken care of.


Casual Dining – Thai, Japanese, Asian

Top floor, Ardee City Mall, Gurugram

Open now

11am – 11pm

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