Woods Retreat – Luxury Resort in Lansdowne

Surrender to the scenic views of the beautiful hill station called Lansdowne. Tucked amidst verdant greenery and pine trees, this breathtaking paradise spells magic with its surreal views. Although there are quite many boutique properties in Lansdowne, we chose the best property that had the most spectacular views of the mountains – Into the Woods. Owned by  Tushar who comes from a background in hospitality, this place eudes charm and luxury amidst beautiful surroundings.

Our stay at the resort was for two days but we wished it could be extended as the hospitality, service and culinary experience was simply top notch.


The resort opened recently but has already garnered attention. Into the woods is located a little bit away from Lansdowne, so there is a guarantee of privacy and solitude.

Expect open spaces, wide lobby overlooking the mountains. The air is fresh and the silence is pristine. The best thing is that the resort is made without cutting any trees. So you can find hundreds of pine trees scattered everywhere that help in further purification.


Into the woods stands true with its name. There are 8 cottages in hexagon and pentagon shapes that are made very artistically and reflect luxury and sustainability.

Each cottage comes with two floors that are well equipped with wardrobes, king size beds, chairs and table, sliding doors that open to attached balconies with magnificent views. You can open your eyes to gorgeous views and listen to the sound of birds early in the morning.

While in Delhi you tend to put the alarm button on snooze, here you feel like waking up to the glorious day and welcome the sunrays in the room. The silence is so reverberating that it seeps inside the soul and leaves a pleasant memory.


The dining area offers a panoramic view of the scenic surrounding where you can enjoy fresh hot food prepared by their talented chefs. Their Indian meals are worth complimenting. We relished their authentic thaali from Uttarakhand that comprised of bajra rotis, lentils, potatoes and chicken. Each dish is made with care and precision and reflects the uttarakhand hospitality.

Our server, Manmohan who is a native ensured we had a great time. All the meals were served fresh and on time. Since we had brought our pup along, we sat outside and enjoyed the lovely weather while enjoying fresh hot food.


There are lot of things you can do at the resort  – cycling, trekking, badminton, indoor games like ludo and carom ; but I ensured I went on a trek the next day. There wasn’t any guide from the resort, so I was escorted with a young local girl who knew all the routes.

We visited the village, local school and college, some small shops and a small church. The highlight was the top of the mountain where the view was stunning. The floating clouds and swaying trees added to the charm and made the experience magnificent.

Nights at The Woods Retreat are more dramatic. The entire place is lit up by stars and the intriguing silence whiffs you off to a magical paradise. You can sit in the balcony and gaze into the dark night with a drink in your hand and enjoy the cool breeze. Each moment is enjoyable at the The Woods Retreat. You come here and take back memories for a lifetime.

Contact details

2 km, Jaihari Mandoli road, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand 246193

Phone : 082798 72101

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