Vivaana Culture Hotel – A concept hotel in Churi, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a melting pot of culture that allures visitors in several ways. For ages, this historic city has been attracting people with its immense scenic beauty, its art, culture, royal history, heritage values and a host of amusement and entertainment activities.

In Rajasthan, there lies a place called Churi is a beautiful place to visit if you love art and culture. No matter which season you are visiting, this small city will surely mesmerize and fascinate you.  You can have good time walking through the historic streets that speak about their vivid traditions, architecture and heritage.

In fact, walking through the streets and lanes of this city is the best way to know the real Rajasthan. The century-old buildings, structures and statues in different corners and parts of these streets introduce this historic city to the visitors more than the tourist spots.

In Churi village, we stayed at Vivaana, a culture hotel that reflects the tradition of Churi. Upon arrival I immediately fell in love with the façade, a vintage style lobby and the combination of original décor. Furniture and styling combined with fashionable and sometimes hysteric wallpaper designs used throughout the building.

Through every artifact, monument or any figurine this culture hotel, each art piece depicts the history that went back hundreds of years back. Vivaana was created out of passion and their ambassador is a donkey – who works diligently and dedicatedly. Unlike other places that keep horses and lions as their ambassadors, Atul kept this lesser known animal as their ambassador.

We arrived at the resort exactly in 4 hours via Rohtak bypass. The roads are wide and the drive is comfortable. A warm welcome by the staff took off the tiredness after the long drive. The lobby of the hotel is kept in a very rustic way – paintings, art forms, figurines are displayed in their original form and look very enchanting. After a breezy check-in, we move towards the courtyard for some breakfast.  

The staff is well trained to serve you fresh food on the table. You can also help yourself with the buffet. There are options like a live egg station that makes omlette, scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes, dosa, uttapam with chutney and sambhar that you can enjoy piping hot.  There was also poha, bread pakoda, muffins, cakes served with tea, coffee and fresh juice. We loved the freshness of the dishes and devoured a hot cup of tea with it.

After a nice healthy breakfast, we moved towards our royal suite – on the first floor. A flight of stairs take us to our room that has the perfect ventilation. By this time, the sun was setting in our room – so it was nice and cozy. Our room was huge – with detailing done to everything – beds, wardrobe, dressing area, study table.

There was a lovely sitting area with a small window that opened up to a beautiful view. We loved the view from our room. The luxurious and opulent details with soft pastels on the walls oozed elegance. Most of these details have been unveiled and restored today.

The fascinating story of the hotel’s revival can also be experienced during a 45 minute guided tour through the most spectacular parts of the hotel, that takes you through hidden stores, safe vaults, emergency exists, and much more. Visitors love this part the most as they get acquainted with the heritage of the hotel and connect with the history of the owners.

After a nice snooze, we move out for a camel ride with Simmons, the hotel manager who takes us around the small village churi.

The surroundings

Vivaana Hotel is perfectly located with local shops just around the corner.  It is the perfect location for fashionistas, culture seekers and food lovers alike. There are havelis with history over hundred years – some abandoned, some unmaintained – but each one had a story to tell.

Amidst the passage of the churi village, you will find local craftsmen and bangle makers who make decent living selling bangles to tourists. The evenings are calm and serene.


The hotel organizes a small puppet show and a live musical show. The local bangle makers put up their stalls and sell their bangles to guests.


While dining in their restaurants, you can admire the Gothic grandeur of the iconic ceilings, original walls and arches, while enjoying their food and drinks. Also you would love their antiques displayed and spread across the restaurant that dates back hundreds of years ago – well restored and maintained by Atul, the owner of Vivaana.

While being a heritage hotel, Vivaana is also full of contradictions: historical yet elegant, modern yet classic, wonderfully quiet. The Hotel represents the culture of Rajasthan so well, while being surrounded by havelis.

Unique features of Vivaana Culture Hotel –

  • Iconic building with 33 rooms and suites and an impressive façade with gorgeous Gothic architectural elements.
  • The hotel offers excellent service with a warm welcome, and of course free Wi-Fi everywhere in the building,
  • The owner of the property is a passionate hotelier who loves to restore art and culture of these historic buildings while maintaining the original art form.
  • There are many amenities in the rooms such as free coffee and tea facilities, luxurious bedding, safe, climate control air-conditioning,
  • The suites are highly recommended, set in original heritage rooms with high ceilings, marble flooring and bathrooms,
  • The courtyard converts into a dining area that offers breakfast, refreshments and snacks throughout the day in a more quiet and private setting,
  • The hotel offers a multitude of venues available for weddings and events
  • There is an extensive spa and a Victorian tiled relaxation pool.
  • A lounge in a Victorian setting has some of the pictures from the royal family
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