Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort and Spa, Rishikesh – Luxury amidst nature


Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort and Spa, Rishikesh is a perfect destination for the wellness traveler. The quaint resort offers a luxury experience in a nature-rich setting for those seeking healing through solitude and therapeutic massages.


Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort and Spa is surrounded by gigantic mountains and lush green surroundings. Developed to ensure sustainability that’s achieved through its intelligent design and ethos, the hotel exudes comfort and luxury to travelers. The architecturally well-ventilated rooms are further permeated by the cool hillside breeze.

With polished flooring, elegant furnishings and the use of reclaimed wood, Summit by the Ganges creates a contemporary ambience that complements its nurturing essence.

I found the design to calm my central nervous system down as I started to melt into each day with a great sense of ease. I could really find the time to just reflect, read a book or absorb the beautiful nature around me.

How to Reach

The nearest airport is Dehradun Airport located approximately one hours’ drive from the resort. You can also reach the place by road as the connectivity and condition is good.


Summit by the Ganges has a very committed and hospitable staff. I personally felt that my space was carefully respected, and my complete experience of the staff was memorable. From the moment you walk towards the reception, to the restaurant where servers serve you with full attention and comfort, the staff here is very loving and well trained. Each time you walk inside the room it is already cleaned and as fresh as new.


Summit by the Ganges consists of 33 rooms all facing the ganges river – they are categorized into Deluxe Rooms, Premium Rooms, Suites with Balcony, and Terrace Suites. Every room embraces floor-to-ceiling patio doors that open to a beautiful scenic view. Our terrace private balcony room had the most astounding view of the mountains and the ganga river. The rooms are clutter-free and persuade you to soak in nature. For a fuller view of the mountain make sure you request a suite with private balcony.

The peaceful surrounding helped to improve my sleep by increasing the body’s natural production of melatonin. At night you can hear the pleasant tropical sound of the fast flowing ganges that serve as a sleep-inducing white noise.

If you love peace and quiet like me, then you will love the rooms here. Walking around in the resort is an enjoyable experience in its own. Everything is within an easy access – restaurants, spa, and recreation room.


The restaurant is the focal point with stunning views. The dining experience for me was a real highlight since food has such an impact on our health and it certainly contributed to the holistic experience.

The food here is delicious. Each meal offers variety with adaptations in style. We loved the grilled chicken and sole fish – a delicacy that is served in a continental style and matches well with expectations. The Indian meals are as delicious – do try their mixed vegetables, malai kofta, lentils and biryanis.

The desserts are also worth indulging. The meals can also be enjoyed in the fresco setting of the restaurant where you get to enjoy cool breeze and the sound of water gushing – but just be cautious of the monkeys there.

The Aania Spa

The Spa at Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort and Spa is small but intimate and treatment rooms have all the facilities of a functional spa. A wide-range of treatments are available that include Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, alongside popular international treatments. We tried the aromatherapy massage and foot reflexology and loved the experience.

My therapist was very skilled, being both attentive and experienced. She always checked with me that I was happy with everything.


Nature walks are included down to the river or towards the forest and village approximately 4 Km round trip. My tour guide, a native of the village shared his knowledge of the rich diversity of his native place and breeding of cows. I enjoyed a hot cup of tea made from fresh milk. The taste was completely different.

They are other activities that you can enjoy while staying with them – white water rafting, kayaking, flying fox and ganga arti on personal request.

The arti should definitely be experienced as it is done near the ghat which is few steps down from the resort. The space is private and the pandit does a ceremonial procession by the hand of the guests. It is a phenomenal experience as you feel closer to God and completely surrender yourself the mystical procession.

Local sight-seeing

Tapovan in Rishikesh has a very moderate climate so you can see an array of wildlife, including monkeys, birds and insects. While there are gigantic mountains you can climb, you can also frequent the Tapovan or Rishikesh market to buy clothes or artifacts. There are beautiful waterfalls that you can visit on the way to Tapovan.  

Another highlight is if you are into temples and mystical places , you can find an array of the most astounding temples.


Staying at Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort and Spa was very peaceful for so many reasons. For me, I loved the morning yoga routine on my private balcony or feeling the soft sand in my feet on the ghats in the evening. The undisturbed ganga view was mesmerizing throughout the day and I could simply tune in to the soothing sound of nature.

The therapeutic massages are so tranquil with soothing music running in the background. The display of birds chirping and swooping in the air every day was relaxing and pleasing to the nerves.


Although you might want to enjoy with your friends and play the music, you are encouraged to relax your mind and listen to the sounds of birds and the sound of the gurgling water. It is also advisable to keep your room doors locked at all the time since notorious monkeys can easily open the handle and pick your personal valuables from your room.


Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort and Spa met my expectations with its stunning views, gorgeous rooms, delectable food and warm hospitality. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway in natural surroundings that offers a chance to strip back over-indulgent luxury to settle and unwind, you’ve found the right place.

Important points –

No. of Rooms: 33

Check-in/check-out: 12 pm / 12pm

Wi-Fi: Yes

Alcohol: No

Nearest Airport: Dehradun

Airport transfer time: 1.5 Hours

Tariff : INR 5,263 onwards

Address: Summit by the Ganges Beach Resort and Spa , Rishikesh, Shivpuri, Uttarakhand, India

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