Punarnava – A Luxury wellness resort near Dehradun

Imagine yourself surrounded by lush greenery, dense forest and inhaling  fresh clean air.

I am referring to my latest review of the Punarnava resort. Located on the Dehradun-Musoorie road, the Punarnava resort is created on a 52 acre of forest area. I was attracted to its open wide spaces and beautiful landscaping in every corner.  The place is fairly easily accessible and has just the best views towards of the musoorie hills.

In Sanskrit, Punarnava means to “bring back to life,” or “renew,”. This place is exactly what it says – giving new life.


Just an hour and a half’s drive from Dehradun airport, we leave the city behind and start driving into the outskirts, before the hills start appearing. We then drove through a gate and were directed to travel a few kilometres through the forest area until we came to the main hotel entrance.

We arrive at the resort in perfect sunshine and the most stunning mountain views. The resort is surrounded by huge pine trees, an absolute dream if you’re a real tree lover, or just enjoy the scenery!

Welcome by the staff

We were welcomed at the resort, given an initial briefing then taken straight to our cottage. There is so much to do around the lodge activity wise, everything from a short hour’s walk to expert long hikes if that’s what you want to do.

The forest surrounds the lodge and the views from every vantage point of the resort are exceptional.  


The resort features private cottages in different categories – all with outdoor decks and breathtaking views of the mountains dependent on where you are located. Villas are the special part of the experience at Punarnava resort. There are 18 cottages, 21 luxury rooms and 02 villas in total. The villas are subdivided into one bedroom deluxe villas, and two bedroom deluxe suite villas that come with a private pool. These spacious living spaces are luxurious spots to watch the sun rise and set, and take in the majestic views all around.  

We had booked a one bedroom cottage that also had a roof terrace which is high enough up to be able to get the full Mountain View. The views were absolutely stunning. We simply couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Our villa was spacious, that had an outside seating deck and chairs, large king size bed, bathroom with walk-in shower, sinks and WC. There was WiFi throughout the resort and all very well appointed.


There was only one main restaurant on the top of the building serving a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. The choice was varied and great for vegetarians.

The lunch menu was the best as we devoured a hearty large platter that had vegetables and lentils made in local style served with hot rotis and rice.

Service was very friendly and most attentive. We enjoyed our meals soaking in the sunshine and fresh air and the beautiful Mountain View. 


The main focus here is on wellness, but there were complimentary cycles to take a tour of the entire property, a very well maintained pool so you get the most incredible view across the resort and up to the mountains. There are yoga classes on request, an upcoming indoor pool and spa. There is also an area for vedic weddings as the owner, Dr. Ashish is a learned scholar and is an expert of Vedic lifestyle.  

Although this place is built for wellness, the resort is also open for weddings and corporate events.


Village Bhitarli, Kimadi – Lambidhar Bypass Road, Uttarakhand 24817

Contact details-
7217011476/ 7618444800

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