Prana By Sunaina – Luxury Jewellery

I particularly love brands that invest in age-old jewellery-making, conserving traditional techniques and perfecting new ones.

While other sectors of industry are losing manual skills to automation, jewellery-making stands true to its ancestry. What I loved about the series of collection by Sunaina was the design elements, craftsmanship and the labor of love behind every jewel.

Prana By Sunaina

Sunaina is a jewelry artist, having graduated from the London College of Arts and Style. She did styling for the London Fashion Week in 2019 and forayed in jewellery designing since a year and a half. Her penchant for designing came because of her mother who was a fashion designer. Supported by her dad, she comes up with innovative designs.  

Now living here in Amritsar with the availability of amazing colored gemstones and her designing background, her passion mixed with the accessibility to natural gems has carved a way to stunning jewellery.

Her background in textiles influenced where she is now.  The 20 years she spent in the textile business gave her the knowledge of how the production and development of the product in a factory happens, giving her the ability to create anything in the jewelry business. She mainly deals in American diamonds, original stones with semi precious stones.

During her tryst with jewellery designing, Sunaina discovered the intricate art of crafting each piece with perfection. Now a resident of Amritsar, Sunaina  carries a natural talent of creating different ornaments to adorn the fashionable woman of today.

Being acquainted with Sunaina, I’ve discovered her marvel in jewellery designing.

She wanted to push past the boundaries of jewellery-making and create a niche in gold, colored stones and diamonds. Using sustainable materials has always been her style and something she’s always done unconsciously from the beginning. This jewellery designer is filled with light and sparkle!

Visit her page and choose from a wide range of designs.

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