Nege & Ju – Innovative concept to enjoy the best cuisines

Dining out these days is a real treat now that Covid has taken a backseat and socializing is gearing up like never before. With spring in its full swing there are some places that you would love to visit.

The place that I would highly recommend is Nege & Ju. Setting a high standard of culinary finesse this newly opened retro bar has every element to make it your preferred choice to have an excellent dining experience.

So what makes this place so special?

Let me begin with their warm hospitality and the extra attention to detail in serving food with the best presentation and taste. The place spreads a warm vibe and environment that makes dinners and lunches special.

Nege and Ju conjugates from a Japanese and African origin. It is a unique concept that imbibes the spirit of duality in totality. They are basically two restaurants in a single space. It translates to 9 & 10, the shop numbers. Nege means 9 in Afrikaans and Ju translates to number 10 in Japanese. The Restaurant splits among its two identities by the clock and between day and night.

We revelled on their hospitality at Ju where a fine dining experience was hosted by the team. The best part of the place is their fresco dining all covered with potted plants that enliven the space. We indulged in a Peanut Chicken, complete with red Chili, caramelized peanut and Spicy Sauce – the soft skin compliments the dressing quite well.

The Avocado Pizza peppered with Cilantro, Pickled onion, Mustard Aioli and Truffle Oil is their best seller. The crunchy base works well for taste buds.

The Lobster Popcorn roll came as a surprise. It was the bear sushi I have ever tried. The Azuki and chicken tacos serves small bites but are quite filling.

We ordered a grilled scottish salmon and Miso Ramen – the former one is literally the best salmon. Served on a bed of fungi dash this dish is flavorful and satisfying. Tee Miso ramen is also a very good dish to order in case you want to have a complete meal.

The nege & Ju team surprised us with the Ultimate Cheesecake served with rose & ginger Marmalade, Peanut Schnapps, Roasted Cashew nut, Sweet Chili Pomelo, Chili and Poached Apricots the cheesecake simply melts in the mouth. The credit goes to their bakery chef, Shrishti, Anup and Rajat who created a fabulous dining experience for us.

Visit this place for some fabulous moments to celebrate with family and friends.

More details

Address: 9 & 10, near Veer Savarkar Park, Main Market, Block 8, Lodi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Hours: 12 PM – 1 AM



Phone: 098991 11734

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