Nailash by Anubha – Nail and Eye Makeovers

Nail Art  is becoming a growing trend in the metropolitan cities these days. With the fashion industry growing tremendously, women are being more curious and interested to try out new trends that look appealing and stay longer. Recently I tried the nail art from Nailash and loved the gorgeous effect.

Run by a beautiful young entrepreneur, Anubha, this cute little nail salon called Nailash has everything a girl wants. Anubha learnt makeup from London School Of Makeup London in 2018 and started freelancing Makeup.

She opened her salon in Ardee Mall Gurugram in 2019 by the name of Nail & Lash by Anubha. Later, she also launched India’s first Hemp infused skincare brand in 2021 by the name of Thempco Botanicals.

From nail extensions to eye lash extensions, she has it all under one roof. Located in the Ardee mall, the nail salon is easily approachable and gives an easy access to ladies. The beautiful wide variety of colors and patterns are also enticing. The gorgeous set of nail designs are perfectly suitable for Wedding nail art and are practical and wearable on nails. Though the nail arts come in different patterns and colors, I picked an ombre shade with black to add spunk for my nails.

The procedure

The nail art designer has been well trained by Anubha. His expertise and knowledge reflected well while doing the job with complete concetration. At first, he applied a usual base coat followed by gel paint. The nail is then dried in a small machine that is meant to harden the gel and make it more long lasting. Then he applies a black shade, which is then dried for some time.

After it got dried up, he created an intricate design to give it a clean look. The result was phenomenal. My nail paint is still strong and sturdy even after putting my hands under water.  

Eye Lash Extensions

I also went for an eye lash extension, considering the fact that my eye lashes are small. I always thought the process is painful, but surprisingly the entire process was very smooth. Anubha, the owner of Nailash asked me to lie down and relax and thus began the procedure. The technician new his job well. After removing the makeup with a gentle makeup remover, he started applying the glue on the eye lids.

It took a couple of minute for the application and drying. Later, he gently placed the eyelashes on the lids. The entire process of placing the eye lashes was a long but non-painful one. I almost dozed off while the process was happening. After the process was done, I opened my eyes and saw big, beautiful eye lashes that surprisingly looked great on my face.

I don’t have to apply mascara or eyeliners as the eyelashes look complete without any makeup. I am glad I took the plunge of going for an eyelash extension as it completely re-vamped my look.

Visit Nailash for some creative makeovers in nails and eyelashes. The place is totally worth it.

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