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These days with the advent of hormonal imbalance, several issues pertaining to skin care are on the rise . The biggest problem that women have been struggling with is facial hair.

With constant visits to salons for facial hair removal, we got tired and finally decided to opt for a permanent laser hair removal.

So when an opportunity arose to work with Clinic Dermatech on a laser hair removal campaign, we were ecstatic to give it a try.  Since this would be her first foray into laser treatment;, there were doubts and anxieties but on reaching the clinic, our doubts subsided.

Not only does the clinic have a warm vibe, it has a very efficient staff of doctors and therapists who make you feel at ease. A friendly interaction with them comforted us even further. My daughter was ready to go for the experience.  

Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech has a number of clinics dotted throughout Delhi NCR where they specialize in several cosmetic treatments as opposed to just laser hair removal.

We visited the South point mall outlet in Gurugram. The clinic itself is very small but surprisingly has a wide range of treatments like laser hair removal, fat removal, skin care and others.

The staff we met so far was super helpful and friendly. The first step with laser hair removal is to go for an initial consultation and patch test. It is advisable not to wax or thread the hair in that area, since the laser needs to find the hair follicle to be plucked. Make sure you should not shave it also otherwise the power of the laser is focused on the hair itself rather than the follicle underneath.

The lovely lady who took care of the laser treatment was extremely cautious and friendly. She explained the whole process very carefully and allowed her to ask any questions. She also helped in filling the questionnaire to make sure that all the treatments are appropriate.

Laser Hair Removal Review

The hair removal started. The machine itself is attached to a long tube, a bit like a vacuum cleaner if you have a pull along one. Cold hair is emitted first to cool the skin, allowing the laser to go deeper and penetrate the hair follicle itself.

As for the laser, it feels like 4 tiny little pin pricks that takes less than a minute. There is varying strength depending on the coarseness/presence of hair. The therapist was extra cautious during the treatment. The pain factor was absolutely minimal but the smell of burning hair temporarily is obviously a little unpleasant. She had precisely zero discomfort during the procedure and it got over surprisingly very fast.  

The skin felt clean and she was adviced not to thread or wax before the next treatment. Only razor was asked to use if there was any hair. Two creams were also provided to inhibit the growth of hair.

What you need to know about Laser Hair removal

Typically laser hair removal takes place across 6-8 appointments, all of which will be around 6 weeks apart. The reason for this is as that hair grows in cycles. These are known as the anagen phase, where the hair is growing; the catagen phase, where the hair is resting and the telagen phase where the hair falls out. If you just have one laser hair treatment, it will only capture the hair in the anagen phase and not any hair which have not yet emerged. By returning for sessions every 6 weeks, it will in time capture all the hair and leave the skin smooth as silk.

Precautions to take after the Laser Hair removal

After the first visit, it best to avoid face wash and exposure to direct sunlight. Thread and wax is definitely not advised.

Why clinic Dermatech must be considered

The team here is friendly and very cautious about the clients. They can be easily approachable through direct numbers if any emergency arises. They strictly follow all covid protocols and ensure the place is always clean and hygenic.


Address: UG-10, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

Hours: 10 AM – Closes 8PM


Phone: 093503 50680

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