Amritara Yog wellness, Mussoorie – A Haven for wellness lovers

The year 2021 is coming to an end. Although our travel has subsided with the pandemic, the hotel industry is doing its best in creating experiences for guests that remain etched in their hearts for a long time. One such review was my recent trip to Mussoorie where I stayed at the Amritara Yog wellness resort.

The Yog wellness by Amritara is an exclusive new property constructed in 2018. The opulent, boutique hotel evokes all of the charm and history, but adorned with additional art and potted plants in every corner making the place seem alive. It is great to experience different architectural and design styles with a touch of wellness infused in it.


This boutique property is few minutes away from the chaotic bustling main mussoorie and offers panoramic views of the queen of hills. Barely half an hour drive from Dehradun, you get to reach this boutique property.

The building itself looks extremely traditional from the outside and evokes a sense of belongingness once you step in.


There are 39 rooms and suites in total, all designed in a creative style, with dark woods and rich wall colors, along with ornate fabric, regal, beautifully presented and spectacularly pristine clean.

There are three categories – executive, super deluxe and premium.   We stayed in the premium room and loved the experience.

As we entered the premium room, there was wide spacious area with a lounge and sofa to relax. Glass windows and doors ushered in sunlight in the room. We could sit neat the window and soak in the sunlight all day long.  There was a separate walk-in marble-lined shower, a large wash hand basin and traditional vanity unit, and a big looking glass.  The bathroom was spotless and cleaned in the morning for the main service. There were large white towels, body lotion, tissues etc.

The main bedroom area comprised of an oversized bed with extremely comfortable and beautiful linens/pillows. There was a traditional writing desk complete with the required stationary. Facilities also included a large LCD TV on the wall above.


The main restaurant was open throughout the day from breakfast to dinner on the ground floor. There was outdoor seating too where guests can enjoy the sun rays while enjoying a nice warm lunch. There was a great choice of food, perfect for vegetarians as the hotel is strictly into wellness.

Service was attentive, excellent quality of food and the chef even came out at one point to check if we were taken care of. We loved their Greek salad and the Chinese cuisine in particular. The day we arrived, we had a late lunch of lentils and cottage cheese with warm breads.

For breakfast, we relished some South Indian dishes like idlis and dosas along with cut fruits.  

Spa and Gym

The best part is their spa equipped with treatment rooms. The deck with lounge chairs are worth experiencing.

The huge bespoke spa with steam and sauna equipped with glass doors has a spectacular view of the mountains. There are three treatment rooms, including one couple spa room with Jacuzzi. There are several therapies one can experience, but the best are the ayurveda therapies like shirodhara and abhyangam.

Shirodhara – The awakening of the third eye chakra

I had booked myself for Shirodhara – An ancient Ayurvedic treatment that includes pouring warm medicated oil on the third eye point of the forehead to unblock any blockages.

This allows the energy to flow properly and helps relieve headaches, migraine, insomnia and stress. Ayurveda massage aims to improve the circulation, prevents skin dryness and balance three doshas: vata (space and air), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (water and earth).

The Therapy –

The entire massage took about 45 minutes where each part was given the perfect time and pressure. With the soft music playing, I was transported to another world. In Shirodhara treatment, there is a bronze pot hanging with a wooden panel. Softly warm oil is poured on the forehead.

The soothing Ayurveda oil flows continuously for about 45 minutes back and forth over the forehead. My eyes were covered with a cloth and I sank into a deep relaxing mode.The constant stream of the warm oil over my forehead made the chatter in my head dissolve and I drifted away.  Minutes later, I dozed off. The steam and sauna that followed helped the oil to seep in further. Everything was beautifully done, in keeping with the hotel safety guidelines and covid protocols.

Yoga and meditation

The resort focuses on wellness and aims to help guests in balancing the chakras in their morning meditation. I was fortunate to be a part of the blissful morning meditation, that helped me to focus on my breathing and balance the mind, body and soul with yoga, pranayam and meditation.


Service throughout, from being welcomed to the meet and greet at reception, to being shown to our amazing room, and in the restaurant was extremely attentive and professional, but very informal and friendly at the same time. The hotel is beautifully decorated and kept exceptionally clean in all areas.


Brook Villa Estate, Barlow Ganj, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248122


+91 93192 96390; +91 90450 53302

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