Escape to Divinity at Dhyan Kaksh

For those of you looking to explore your relationship with God, escape from the chaos of everyday life and deepen your spiritual practice, there is a place tucked in the outskirts of Delhi called Dhyan Kaksh.

This is a spiritual retreat that I strongly believe everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The truth is we are living in some pretty profound and unprecedented times. Amidst the whirlwind of changes that threaten the conventional manner in which we live and practice, proves an incredible opportunity to grow and adapt.

Whether you belong to any particular religion, you come from another faith completely, or you don’t believe, this retreat centre will welcome you with open arms and show you what it means to adopt Godly virtues and thereby lead a blissful life.

As a result, you will achieve inner peace, tranquility and space to open your heart to the wonders of the universe, to strengthen community ties, to build new friendships and to heal past hurts.

My journey

Coming from a background in healing and spirituality, I was myself yearning for something intuitive and transformative.  I knew that the only way to acquire peace of mind was through a deep dive into spiritual practices. I craved strong and healing arms that would reach out and catch me and guide me through the healing process.


Dhyan Kaksh is located in Faridabad. A patchy road leads us to even smaller lanes that are distorted yet, I wait to be amidst sanctity and calm after the rough ride.

We arrive after a long tedious journey to the land of solace. I can see huge pillars on both sides with scriptures that talk about the human virtues – contentment, endurance, truthfulness, righteousness, equanimity, selflessness & benevolence.

All these virtues are essential for universal brotherhood for keeping harmony and peace at all times, besides performing one’s worldly duties selflessly, sincerely, faithfully, strictly and in a committed manner according to God’s command.

While walking towards the huge dome located in the center, I am in awe with the virtues written on the pillars.

Dhyan Kaskh – School of Equanimity & Even-Sightedness

Dhyan Kasksh is an unprecedented and unique architectural marvel, surrounded by a water body. The spiritual exercise incorporates mindfulness, meditation and prayer enabling us to transform from within. The beautiful dome allows you to start a conversation with God and gives your mind, body and spirit some essential breathing space.

Whether you are an individual looking for peace and tranquility, a retreat group looking for a better spiritual connection, a leadership course or even a festival organiser, Dhyan Kaksh will be the perfect venue for you. Offering prayer rooms, themed speakers, prayer walks, meeting rooms, cafeteria and organized events throughout the year, this is the must-visit venue if you are looking for spiritual connection. You can share a prayer and reflection in this oasis of calm.

The concept of Dhyan Kaksh

To liberate the mind from ignorance, illusion and evil instincts, is born the school of Equanimity & Even-sightedness. Here the science of inner dimensions is being taught through the process of meditation i.e. a way by which one could always remain in one’s natural state of pure being in allits splendor. For the knowledge of all, the school is meant for all, no one has any right on it.

How does it work

The salient feature about this school is that there is no age limit or entry fee, neither there is any restriction based on caste, color, creed, riches, poverty etc.

For Self-Realisation and to become a good human being, one has to shed ignorance acquired through worldly knowledge to accept humanity as basic ‘Dharma’, i.e. an inherent divine virtue. Only such being can gain access to this school.

From this school, beings would acquire the skill of Equanimity and Even-sightedness, which is the foundation of constitution of ‘Satyug’, according to which one would be able to learn and practice ‘Sajan-bhaav’ i.e. feeling of oneness towards one and all in their conduct and behavior. In this way, primordial cultural heritage of India i.e. ‘Satyugian’ morals and code of conduct is being propagated from this school.

This would enable beings to live life in unity, love, harmony, fraternity and peace. Besides this, skillful efforts are being made to help beings imbibe contentment and endurance, while following the path of truthfulness and righteousness selflessly. Most importantly, this school has been established for versatile development of families, societies, countries and world as a whole to achieve happiness, tranquillity and prosperity.

Equanimity and Even-sightedness are symbols of par excellence, pre-eminence and most worthy respect (i.e. attributed to the greatest persons) and are the means to prosperity, equality and peace. By gaining knowledge of Equanimity and Even-sightedness, a person attains the wisdom of listening to the Eternal Self and thereby achieves power of commitment to command and spread the virtues of his Real-Self, imparting to himself the perception of experience and the equality of all in the Universe. Such a person acquires complete knowledge pertaining to the ‘Self’.

As he firmly establishes himself in this practice, then without any difficulty and hard work his mind reaches the stage of omniscience — a state of divinity at which he acquires divine insight of the past, the present and the future.

Consistently practising this, the person achieves a divine level of excellence in Equanimity and Even-sightedness and is able to hold the Eternal light even without any external source, and in the process becomes fully enlightened.

The School of Equanimity & Even-sightedness can bring positive change in society by imparting these teachings and eventually anchoring us to the Golden Age – Satyug.


What I felt from this place was that every person can win the mundane world by controlling his mind and senses by remaining equal in the state of sorrow or happiness and loss or gain.

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