7 Old Town – Best place for music lovers

With the lockdown over, we are finally stepping outside. And if you love music and food like we do, this post might help you. On a sunny afternoon, we visited a place called 7 Old Town that left us impressed with the ambiance and food. The husband and wife team created this amazing place out of their passion for food.

Located on the Aurobindo Ashram Marg, the place is easily accessible to food lovers. It goes out of its way to be welcoming and informative. From the well-written menu and slick online presence to the friendly and knowledgeable waiting staff, the place serves to be an experience that is memorable.

Created in the beginning of 2020, 7 Old Town takes you through culinary traditional dishes and more through beautiful interiors that are enlivened with soulful music.

With two floors that includes al fresco seating, this newbie has garnered attention and affection from food lovers. The place gets transformed into a perfect brunch place on winter afternoons. The terrace is filled with potted plants and green cover to make you feel connected with nature. There is enough space to walk and adequate room for diners to make the culinary odyssey enjoyable.

7 Old Town has a lot of interesting items on their menu which is worth indulging in. We ordered quesadilla as a starter. The crunchy yet effortlessly light quesadilla were aptly complimented by a salsa and luxuriantly creamy mayo. The combination of chew, crunch was nothing short of sensational but the filling of kidney beans failed to impress us.

Another dish we ordered was a chicken breast. Complete with greens and mashed potatoes this dish completely satisfied us. The jus served with the dish accentuated the flavors quite well.  We were very pleased with the grilled fish that was served with polenta and garlic butter sauce.

The tautly creamy sauce was the perfect partner to the grilled fish. This dish was re-imagined and recomposed to remarkably tantalizing effect.

The cocktails are definitely worth indulging. I must say the bartender ensures each drink comes out with a remarkable twist and flavor. The entire experience at 7 Old Town takes you on a culinary odyssey worth experiencing.

More Details:

Address: 7, Aurobindo Marg, near IIT Crossing, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

Hours: 11 AM –  11AM

Meal for two : INR 2000


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