5 Places You Cannot Miss on a Trip to Indonesia

Travelling is meditation for the soul and Indonesia has so much to offer. There are so many places to see that an ideal holiday, to cover everything, would take longer than what our busy work lives would allow. So, to save you time and effort, we’ve made you a list of the 5 places you should definitely visit on a trip to Indonesia!

1. Mangrove Beach & Forest

This one is for those seeking an underwater adventure. Popularly known for its snorkelling spots in Nusa Lembongan, the mangrove is located on the north end of the island. 

For all the nature lovers visiting the mangroves forest, it is best to hire a kayak early in the morning to witness the tropical birds chirping and to experience the serenity of the mangrove. 

Pro tip – Do not miss out on feasting at Warungs!

(A Warung is a type of small family-owned business — a small restaurant or café — in Indonesia)

2. Thousand Islands

Scattered amid the Jakarta Bay, these islands are bound to give you a soul-reviving experience. Away from city life, most of these islands are inhabited sustainably to make you feel closer to mother nature. 

Looking for a break from Jakarta’s fast life? Thousand Islands are just where you need to be. Located on the north coast of the city, these islands will give you an opportunity to feel one with the ocean. Here, you will come across a number of amazing resorts, restaurants and secluded golden beaches with breathtaking views. 

3. Yogyakarta 

Yogyakarta has been rightly named Indonesia’s cultural soul. While Jakarta houses millions of people in glittery skyscrapers, this city is home to the country’s most prestigious university and is the centre for its traditional art and music. Anyone who wants quiet should come here. Here, you’ll find volcanoes, the Prambanan temple (UNESCO world heritage site), the Jomblang cave, and witness various unique forms of art and handicrafts. 

4. Kalimantan 

The Indonesian portion of the Borneo island, Kalimantan, is the go-to place for those who seek adventure in every sense of the word. Meandering rivers, dense forests, rocky mountains — the opportunities for thrill-seekers are endless! Tourists don’t come here for its cities, they come here for the adventurous activities. If you ask us, we’d highly recommend going for the Cross-Borneo trek!

5. Papua 

The youngest part of Indonesia and the world’s second-largest island, Papua is unlike any other place you’ll ever see. Tourists visit this place to witness the traditional performances and art that dates thousands of years. It is filled with lush tropical forests and quiet, beautiful rivers. Even a casual walk on this island will give you a unique view of nature and the indigenous architecture of its residents. 


Indonesia is a kaleidoscope of experiences. Whether it’s beaches you like or exquisite volcanoes, adventures in general, or simply some quiet time — you’ll get it all here, and yes, it goes beyond Bali. So, come, be one with nature and witness the real flavours of Asia. SOTC could be your guide!  

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