5 adventure activities you must experience in Sri Lanka

If you love adventure, then a visit to Sri Lanka is a must. The country offers gorgeous places that have breathtaking views and are perfect for adventure lovers.

Here are 5 places in Sri Lanka where you can satisfy your thirst for adventure –

1.Golf in Nuwera Eliya –

If you love golf, you must indulge in this game at the Golf course in Nuwera Eliya. The 18 hole, 5800 meter course is situated towards the edge of Nuwara Eliya town.  Situated at 1890 feet above sea level, the scenic surroundings and cool climate make it a very pleasant place to visit.

The course is acknowledged to be one of Asia’s best, fringed by forest cover and gifted with a stunning view. The fairways are long and narrow and broadened by fir trees, dense groves, bunkers and hilly surroundings. The atmosphere allows the player to drift in to another time and play a round at their own pace. There are also 6 holes where rivers come into play. A challenging course, amidst picture post card surroundings.

2. Flying Ravanna in Ella

This flying fox experience is by far the best experience I have come across. The Flying Ravana Adventure Park is one of a kind experience, located amidst the luscious green estates of Ella. Completed with its pride, Sri Lanka’s first-ever Mega zip-line. 

The two-wire zip-line stretches for more than half a kilometer, slides at 80kmph, and offers a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful hills of the island.  The adventure park is exclusively designed for adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies who prefer a not-so-ordinary hillside experience, offering ATV/quad bike rides, Abseiling, Archery, and Air rifling for a gripping outdoor experience. If you love adventure, you must try this flying fox experience.

3. Train journey from Nuwera Eliya to Ella – 

The journey from Nuwera Eliya is the most beautiful train odyssey that I have ever e experienced.  The experience is breathtaking as you pass surreal views of lush green hills, pristine valleys, gorgeous waterfalls, postcard-perfect towns, numerous tunnels, and dense jungles.  Board the train from Nanu Oya station (about 8 KM from Nuwara Eliya town) and enjoy the majestic ride. The train is extremely comfortable, neat and clean, large windows that offer magnificent views, excellent quality toilets and comfortable seats. You can even stand near the foot over and get yourself clicked. The pace is very gradual, making it easy for you to take in the views.

4. Hawthorn Plains, Nuwera Eliya

This is a magnificent national park that is very special in terms of biological diversity as well as archaeological value. A person who is looking for the end of the world will find a beautiful plain with a unique solitude that cannot be found in any other ecosystem in our country.

Horton plains are the park on the outskirts of the cold city full of beautiful biodiversity. This is the highest plain in Sri Lanka. Located in the central highlands at an altitude of 1200-2300 meters above sea level.

5. Water sports in Bentota

Bentota being the holiday paradise in Sri Lanka is known for its beaches, marine life, mountain top excursions and most importantly water sports. The water sports in Bentota are world-renowned, and there is something for people of all ages.

You can go for a cruise on the river or enjoy other water sports activities like water skiing, windsurfing, banana ride, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, tube rides, sea diving, snorkelling and surfing. If you are new to the world of water sports, there are courses offered by various water sports centre’s to guide you through your stint with the waves.

Bentota is generally a town filled with tourists, especially as they come for the water sports that are offered by almost all the resorts that are present there. The city thrives on its wide variety of water sporting activities along with its top of the notch facilities that they offer tourists and local visitors as they partake in the games.

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