4 Best Wellness retreats in India

India is home to the best wellness retreats in the world. With the pandemic setting down, people are looking for retreats that help in relaxation and also help them to recharge. India has some of the best wellness retreats where you can balance the mind, body and soul. These retreats offer a wellness package amidst beautiful surrounding.

Travreviews presents 4 best wellness retreats in India that you must add to your bucket list!

Best Western Arogya, Madurai –

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, the Best Western AVN Arogya brings forward the best treatments in the lap of Mother Nature. Running successfully with 41 hotels, in operation and under development in India, the Best Western recently joined hands with AVN Arogya to
bring to you Best Western AVN Arogya. The epitome of luxury and wellness, it aims to empower Medical Tourism and hospitality in the region.

Ganga Kinare,Rishikesh –

Serene locations and  magnificent view of the Ganges have always lured travelers. Sitting pretty amidst the holy city is Ganga
Kinare, that gives guests a panoramic view with an unpretentious service. Located on the banks of the awe inspiring, tranquil River Ganges, Ganga Kinare– the riverside boutique hotel in Rishikesh, offers
exquisite Yoga ​p​ackages for you to experience spiritual rejuvenation with yoga and meditation.

Sanskriti, Rishikesh –

Rishikesh, a habitat for the parched soul has a new reason to visit the holy city – Sanskriti. The very essence of Ayurveda seeps in the culture of the new Vedic retreat that sits pretty amidst the bustle of Rishikesh. International tourists who come here to seek solace can now acquire
tranquility when they enter the retreat.

Nidhivan,Vrindavan –

The land of Krishna has its very own luxury hotel. Nestled amidst the mystical town of Vrindavan, barely 2 km’s from the main city centre is born Nidhivan. The first hospitality venture incepted by
Radiance Residency and Resorts Pvt. Ltd, it marries mysticism and luxury. 

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