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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wellness Therapies @ Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere Vayalar - Detox for mind, body & soul

Kerela is known for the traditional therapies that have amazing healing benefits for the mind, body and soul. Not only are they therapeutic, but they help in the healing process as well. We were in invited to experience the odyssey of wellness at their spa. The spa experience at the Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere enticed me to a level that is difficult to express.

The monumental entrance to the Upasana Spa is testimony of the local craftsmanship as well as the materials and techniques used; like the traditional cedar wood, chiseled and manicured pots and plants that provide a completely immersive, 360-degree well-being experience.

The traditional Kerela architecture, design and opulent craftsmanship are proudly and lovingly displayed at the spa.

From the wide open areas, spacious rooms, scintillating view of the lake and trees  that dress the courtyard area, to enchanting candle lit aroma oil walkways – wherever you glance there’s a vision of beauty. The spa is a palace in its own right – elegant and serene with scattered calming water features.

Facilities include state of the art Ayurveda and Thai massage rooms, steam rooms, attached rain showers where you can bathe amidst the sound of birds and natural air ushering in.

The spa menu is extensive and treatments are expertly executed – ranging from basic massages to detox massages that follow a minimum 7 day schedule. 

They also have a room for manicure pedicure and facials.  The highlight of the spa is the serene view of the resort that is covered in swaying trees and the pool adjoining the lake. 

After consultation with the Ayurveda doctor, I signed up for the abhyangam and potli massage followed by an Ayurveda face cleansing called mukhlepam

Podi Kizhi – 

This is a 90 minute long treatment that includes abhyangam and a potli treatment. The Abhyangam massage lies at the foundation of Ayurvedic massage treatment. It works wonders on the body, giving it strength, improves circulation and is anti-aging.

The therapist made me sit on a chair and did a small prayer before starting the therapy. She made me lie on the bed face down. 

With a generous amount of ayurveda oil, she begins the therapy. The oil is not fragrant but is definitely healing and helps to relax aching joints and muscles. 

The warm oil soothed my lower back almost instantly. The masseur worked up the magic of her hands in a circular motion that helped me to relax and fall asleep. I was transcended in a different world.

The oil was magical and I could feel the pain almost gone. The massage on the other parts was also gentle. The thing I loved about the massage was the subtle yet powerful massage from the ankle to the calves. 

Later, she also massaged my head. The oil made its way deeper in the root follicles and made me relax immediately. She then applied pressure points on the head and temple that helped me to relax further. 

Later, she started using the potlis. The Potli Massage is one that can whisk away your aches and pain in a matter of 30 minutes. It is a combination of hot compression "Ayurveda Herbal Compression" (called potli) followed by a luxurious body massage. The massage is started by working up on the tensed muscles with hot potli.

I could feel each muscle relaxed and at ease after the therapy. Next, she moved on to Mukhlepam.

Mukhlepam – 

The mukhlepam is a face brightening experience that includes only natural kitchen products like rice, turmeric, curd and honey.

With gentle scrubbing using rice powder, she removed the dead skin and impurities from my face. The curd and honey she applied next was absolutely fresh and smelt heavenly.  

Soft strokes on the face with the correct pressure took me to a deep level of relaxation I never experienced. She sealed the cleansing process with a natural pack. I could feel my skin fairer and smoother with the goodness of these natural elements that were applied so well.

This was followed by a steam bath where the skin absorbs the oil profusely and makes it more supple and soft. The relaxation further accentuated after the steam. After a nice long shower, I could feel the tiredness gliding away leaving me rejuvenated and fresh.

I met my daughter after her experience at the reception. She loved the shirodhara experience and also mentioned how the therapist tailored her needs and adjusted the pressure to her liking. 

Post the treatment, we were offered some calming herbal tea with honey. Sipping the tea in the relaxing chairs while watching the beautiful scenery is a sight that one can never forget.  The tea accentuated my relaxation. I thanked my therapist and the team for the amazing experience and left the spa satisfied and beaming with joy.