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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Karali experience with neoVeda @ The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa

The central place of Delhi, CP has a variety of hotels and spas that are unique in their own way, but TheMetropolitan Hotel & Spa stands apart from the rest with respect to ambiance and service. The hotel keeps every corner alive with elements of artistry. Mesmerized by the brilliance and grandeur, I was awe struck by the bright corridors highlighted with warm hues on the walls. 
I was escorted to the basement that was home to a luxurious spa – NeoVeda. Derived from the Vedas, this spa looks aesthetic. 

The five treatment rooms have distinctive themes that are vocal with excellent massages. The masseuses are talented therapists who are skilled in the respective therapies. Their warm and inviting smile is as captivating as the surrounding of the spa making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I was booked for a spalicious journey at neoVeda. As I spoke to the spa manager about my aching muscles and joints due to the excessive cold and continuous stress by travelling, he recommended me the Karali massage – synonymous with full body Abhyangam massage, it focuses on relieving muscular aches and pain with pressure applied by hands and feet.

I was treated to an absolutely different experience from the start to the end.  The masseuse, a lovely girl from the North East, ushered me to one of the treatment rooms. The spacious therapy room had a subtle atmosphere with dim lights and soft music playing in the background. 

The room had a big massage beds on the floor. The massage session initiated. The therapist used Dhanwantram oil and massaged it gently in circular motion not with her hands, but with her feet while holding the rope from the ceiling. Yes, it came to a surprise to me, but a massage done with soles of the feet feels great.

This was followed by a full body mild scrub session called Udwardina. The scrub was made with green gram, sandalwood powder, sesame oil and turmeric that exfoliated the skin and removed dead cells and tan from the body leaving it soft and supple. 

The aroma was invigorating that worked its magic when rubbed in circular motion. The conjugation of the ingredients with a subtle tone of turmeric was indeed flattering. The scrub session lasted for half an hour followed by a warm shower. 

I had a sharp muscle spam before the therapy, but could feel the pain and tension gradually being relieved. The ‘marma’ points in the body were relaxed and the stiffness gradually faded away giving relaxation and vitality.

She later works up the magic of the aroma oil in the head that is massaged well in circular motion opening the pores of the body. neoVeda houses some of the finest Ayurveda products that are manufactured for the spa. 

A warm shower with the Bath gel from neoVeda freshened me up and I was fresh as the morning dew. My skin felt radiant and I could feel the skin pores breathing. I would recommend my readers to try the neoVeda spa at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa that covers a holistic experience of mind, body and soul. If you believe in rejuvenation, step in to experience bliss under one roof.

You can also take your pick from the following therapies for a completely rejuvenated experience:

Salt and Spice Body Glow - Duration – 30minutes
Kizhi Massage -  (Herbal Potli / Bun Massage) - Duration- 1 hour
Aromatherapy Massage - Duration- 60 minutes and 90 minutes