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Monday, December 24, 2018

Masterclass at Sweden India Nobel Memorial 2018 by Michelin star Chef Sayan Issakson

The winters seem wonderful when there is delectable food to pair with it. We were invited by the Sweden embassy to be a part of the Master class with the talented Sayan Isaksson. The embassy was well decorated in the Christmas fervor and evoked a warm ambiance to the guests. The sun was beaming and it was a beautiful day to experience the scrumptious delicacies.


Instituted in the memory of Swedish innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist Alfred Nobel, it celebrates the contribution of both Swedish and Indian Nobel Laureates. With the innovation as its theme, the celebrations spread over a couple of months; act as a vehicle to showcase the prowess of Swedish companies in India.

The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Program 2018 comprises a bouquet of events ranging from seminars and panel discussions to competitions for student and cultural events. The Master Class with the Swedish Nobel chef Sayan was held under the Sweden India Nobel Memorial 2018.

Sayan Isaksson is a renowned chef and has been in charge for the preparation of the prestigious Nobel Dinner Banquet – the culinary showcase after the esteemed Nobel Prize ceremony.

Chef’s profile

Michelin star Chef Sayan Isaksson is a household name in Sweden who was originally born in Thailand. He was raised in Sweden after being adopted at only 3 months old, and the country soon became his home.

Chef Sayan holds wide acclaim for his 1-Michelin- Star Esperanto restaurant, formerly in Stockholm, which he opened in 2005. His unique style brings together global culinary influences, together with contemporary Scandinavian flavors and styling, adding theatrical visual drama, underlined by technical excellence.

Swedish Chef John Sayan Isaksson was the hand that fed the brilliant and the mighty at the Nobel Banquet of 2015 and 2016.Feeding 1,350 people at one of the world’s most anticipated dinners - the Nobel Banquet -  is a chore any chef would garnish his dreams with. He earned the toque for the Banquet. He was part of the Swedish Culinary team that won the 2002 culinary World Cup in Luxembourg and 2004 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt (Germany).

The Master class

Beetroot petals, mushroom tea, browned butter

Treebranch, Black Garlic, herbs

Oystershells, cucumber and dill raita

Ghost of onions, baked onions, onion broth

Marbeled quaileggs, grilled emulsion

Autumn leafs, frozen apples and milk.

We got to taste a delicious medley of flavors spiked with healthy ingredients. I loved the oyster shells – perfect in taste and presentation.