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Monday, April 16, 2018

NicoCaara - Organic food devoured in a tropical setting

Food becomes elixir if taken in the right amount and devoured in the right surrounding. My review of NicoCaara is a special one since it brought me closer to heaven in each bite. When it comes to organics, I have personally always been a big supporter and try to consume it as often as I can. 

Although we are still limited with restaurants in Delhi that are entirely organic, you will find there are plenty of chefs that like to use organic ingredients in their dishes.

The NicoCaara is one such place that is made out of pure dedication. Some of their masterpieces are made with ingredients that are sourced from their local farm in Vasant Kunj. 

Founded by Ambika, the restaurant and café chain is an answer to her inclination for healthy food. Ambika ardently works around the clock and also gives special attention to her two month old baby. She juggles her work pretty efficiently.

The restaurant is nestled next to the apparel outlet called Nicobar that brings forth the tropical elements to the space.  Brimming floor to ceiling with everything organic you could want, be their condiments, cookies, crackers or cakes, each item is definitely hard to resist.

I came to this beautiful outlet with a dear friend who also shares the passion for good cuisine. While I waited for her to join me, I soaked myself in the cool comfortable interiors of the restaurant. 

First Impressions

It feels like home the moment you step in. Although it is a part of the very plush Chanakya mall, there is a very strong familiarity with this place that seeps inside you and makes you feel at ease.

NicoCaara has limited seating, so it wouldn’t be a great choice if you come with a big group. I would also advise not using this as a place of work to make noisy telephone calls. 

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxed place, a space to stop, get calm and hide from busy streets of Delhi, NicoCaara is just the ticket.

Decor-wise its beautiful with elements of Tropical style mixed with modern twists. The walls are hand-painted in subtle hues but contrasted with the bright upholstery. 

While I was admiring the green hues ushered by the plants in the space, Ambika came and sat next to me. Her dedication and zeal can be seen in her eyes as she speaks delightfully about each cuisine of hers – articulate and perfect. She handed me to the lovely server, Zaara who was more than happy to serve me.

As I was flipping through the menu, I was amazed with their variety of beverages.  They also have an interesting mélange of Malabar and European touch in their dishes. I ordered for a fresh pineapple drink and loved it. Completely devoid of sugar, this drink seemed magical in this blistering heat.

Also interesting is their nutritious pumpkin soup, salads and starters to name a few – it is without doubt the perfect food for a post yoga bite to eat (as they keep conducting amazing yoga workshops here).  I was happy with her suggestion and ordered three variants – Garden Green, Lean Bean and Tomato Relish.

They came within barely seven minutes, one after the other - fresh, beautiful and aromatic. While I was figuring out where to start, my friend entered. We sat down and began our culinary odyssey with the salads. 

All the three salads we ate tasted great, and though the portions were plentiful, the price was rather reasonable. I ordered for the Pumpkin soup – colorful and bursting with flavors, this soup speaks in volumes.

For the main course my friend ordered the Sri Lankan Crab cake while I went for the Salmon Rasam Broth. It was truly incredible how creamy and rich the crab cake tasted. The rasam blended in so perfectly well with the Salmon that I loved each bite and devoured it whole heatedly till the last bite.

The Ayurvedic Blend is a highly recommended drink for people who are health conscious. I fell in love with the delicious concoction of Ayurveda bliss and went ahead for my second cup.

The review came to an end but I felt uneasy while leaving NicoCaara as it had now etched a special space in my heart. This place has a soul that makes you feel comfortable. I shall come again to witness the tranquility and comfort.