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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Caara @ Ogaan - Delightful and Refreshing

Caara @ Ogaan in Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri is undoubtedly the best place to have a great meal in a comfortable setting. Opened a few months back, the Restaurant has already started getting footfalls and table booking on weekdays. It has become a preferred choice for a couple seeking solace, an office executive willing to enjoy meal with colleagues or youngsters willing to chill out. 

Caara eschews the contemporary seating arrangement and an ambiance to make your usual day enjoyable and relaxed. The owners, Alice and Ambika love to make people happy by giving them a great experience through healthy ingredients. After the brilliant success of Caara @ British Council, this outlet promises a fine dining experience for guests. They ensure guests are fed with food made from fresh ingredients from their own farm that is totally devoid of pesticides and is completely organic.


Reaching the place is very simple. Located in the main market in Malcha Marg, it is on the first floor above Ogaan, a trend setting apparel store that has contemporary wear. So you can shop till you drop and enjoy a delicious mail right upstairs at Caara.

First Impressions

We entered the restaurant and were greeted by the hospitable Manager who ushered us to our seats. The restaurant has a very selective staff that is pleasant, efficient and very courteous. 

The soft lighting, opulent spacing between dining tables and the cozy space impressed me. Caara has a very luxe feel to it. The Terrace with Bouganvillas add to the beauty of the place and is best for winter brunches. However, we chose to sit inside while relishing the flavors of freshly baked food. 


The manager handed us the menu. With an interesting variety to peruse per page, we decided to start with the Pumpkin soup. This is a highly recommended one as it is truly satiating and makes the flavors of pumpkin more relishing. I loved the simplicity and texture of this soup. This can be a full meal actually.

We also ordered for fresh juices which would be helpful to cleanse the palette and prim our taste buds for the culinary odyssey. The juices are from Imagine and are bursting with flavors and health. I chose the 24 Carrot Juice one while my daughter enjoyed the Berry Go Around.  The juices speak in volume of the fresh ingredients devoid of any preservatives or artificial sweetener. We loved them.

We ordered for the Chili Avocado toast which was a perfect amalgamation of warmth and freshness. The simplicity in this dish makes it prize winning. I loved the herbs and dressings that accentuated the presentation without compromising the presentation.  

Next we ordered the Super Foods Salad.  A delight to the taste buds was this salad. The freshness of mint, parsley, onion and tomatoes are mixed well with Barley. The seasoning is well accentuated making it the perfect combination of taste and presentation. The starters reflected the great quality of the food and we looked forward to the further review.

The Pan Seared Salmon is interesting in both presentation and taste. The fish is done perfectly well while the dressing is apt. I loved the Caara Basil Pesto Linguine that simply satiates the desire for fresh basil. A work of art this dish truly is! The last epiphany of the rhythmic tune was the dessert.

Caara has a succulent variety of choices when it comes to desserts. We finalized on the Chocolate Hazzlenut Torte, Grandma’s Carrot cake and Peanut Butter Molten cake. 

Their bakery is one of the finest I have ever experienced. Each dessert was different from the first and equally satisfied our taste buds. My personal favorite was the carrot cake. It was low on sugar and seemed light to digest. We closed the review with kaahwa and coffee and left the place on a happy note.

I would recommend this place for lunches and dinners as they have the perfect setting to enjoy European food.