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Monday, January 11, 2016

5 Best Winter Getaways In India!

“Winter is coming”, a phrase which is no longer in use, except for the famous English series we all discuss about. Winter has already arrived, but isn’t so near to the resolutions which we all are so determined about. So what strikes these travel enthusiasts? Of course, a well spent vacation during such cold and low temperature winters. 

But to our misfortune, a literal more than half of states covered in India do not contain a crispy layer of suitableness inside them. Not to worry, coz that doesn’t alter anything as below are mentioned 5 of the premium places to visit in India despite these frosty winters. If you are planning to travel on wheels, renting a car or through private transportation, this is the best time to book your holiday plannings today - GrabOn has everything covered. Check out redbus coupons or OYO Rooms offers from GrabOn.

1-      Goa - Probably the idealist place to visit during Decembers. Agreeing to the fact that immense crowds visit Goa while their summer vacations, but winters aren’t just said to be a null house. And the reason for this which the EDM lovers would go along with, is a decent tune none other than ‘Sunburn Goa’, the festival transforming city into a hub for various casts and creeds, also including offers to accommodate in hotels while this concert takes place. And not to forget Christmas, coz Goa lets you snatch the amaze of cheap drinks, one cannot resist.

2-      Jammu and Kashmir - This pleasure of breathing in the scenic beauty so close to your eyes that one can literally feel the bliss of such heavenly skies. Jammu and Kashmir is a place for families to reside upon and if kids got to hang out with some exciting adventure, Skiing and paragliding thrive during such Winter occasions.

3-      Chennai - Believe me over this, Tamil Nadu has never produced such an attribute within itself on resembling a city like Chennai. A crisp mixture of commercial fields along with a thick blend of seasoning describing the beaches and churches contained since ages. Beaches are meticulously marvelous when visiting them is a major plan for friends to enjoy upon. And when churches are into consideration, Chennai has a reputation of producing age old churches being famous for a construction under the British rule. The atmosphere is that of a tranquilizing one which could hold you for a long time dazing around for none, representing a peaceful embrace towards nature.

4-      Assam - Most of you might be bewildered over a thought that, why Assam during Winters? It’s basically because of the famous Kaziranga National Park (a UNESCO world heritage site), which renders opportunities for tourists to spot one horned Rhinos. This is absolutely astonishing to learn that even more than half of India’s one horned Rhinos are presented inside Kaziranga. And there is more to it which often projects animals like Tigers, leapords, flying squirrels and more.

5-      Gujarat - Meant to be a bizarre place to visit while in winters, but just coz of the grandeur being represented in the state due to the popular Rann Mohatsav hosted, Kutch in Gujarat is peculiarly diverse place to visit.