10 rules to follow while checking in a hotel during the pandemic

Travel on your mind but worried to stay in a hotel during the pandemic? Here are 10 rules to follow while checking in a hotel during the pandemic –

1. Always keep the mask on

While hotels might be taking care of hygiene and safety, it is imperative to always keep the mask on. These masks are our safety shield, so no matter how much the hotel looks clean, you might want to simply stay away from the virus by covering your mouth with a double protection mask. Opt for a surgical mask as a first layer and add a cloth one on top of it. Better to be safe than sorry!

2. Keep your hands clean

You might not be aware of the countless microbes that travel inside your body through your hands. Any surface you touch might be contaminated with germs. To avoid this mishap, it is best to wash your hands regularly with a strong hand wash to kill the germs.

3. Sanitizers

The hotels are usually equipped with sanitizers starting from the entrance to the lounge area and rooms. Use them frequently to avoid germs entering from your hands.

4. Avoid using the pool

No matter how much you love water, avoid the pools as much you can. Even if the pool looks clean and well maintained, unseen microbes might still be floating. So it’s best to avoid swimming during your hotel stay.

5. Stay away from using the Spa

Spas are usually meant to relax our body while maintaining equilibrium of the mind, body and soul, but as there is a direct physical contact, there are chances of infection spreading. Completely avoid visiting the spa.

6. Avoid the fitness center

Several microbes might be residing on the gym equipments even after being cleaned by the hotel staff. Avoid them completely to stay away from contamination.

7. Outdoor activity

Every hotel has leisure activities that are planned for guests to venture outdoors and indulge in some activities like cycling, trekking and adventure activities. Indulge in them and enjoy nature instead of staying inside the room all day.

8. Limit entrance of housekeeping

It’s always best to get the room clean only once a day by the housekeeping staff to limit their entry inside the room. Fresh towels can always be kept outside so you can collect them without any contact with the staff.

9. Opt for in-room dining

While the restaurants these days are not keeping buffets to maintain social distance, its best to order food inside the room. That way you can enjoy privacy and also be safe from any contamination.

10. Book and Pay Online

Most hotels have online payment options. It’s always better to opt from contact payment options instead to maintain social distance.

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